Day 1. 06.04.14


I thought it would be appropriate if someone finally gave an honest opinion about what it was like at university. I’ll start with Freshers week.   If you don’t drink you’ll probably find freshers just awful. It is literally a week (or two in my case) of pure drinking until you can’t even remember what day it is or even your own mums name sometimes. If you live in a Halls of residence, don’t expect to ever get an early night on a friday/saturday night, you’ll be woken up by drunken woopings and yayings (if those are even words). In all honestly, I did actually have a good time in freshers, its not often you get given a £2000 loan and told you have literally no responsibilities for a week. Plus, you have promoters and clubs pouring over themselves trying to give you a bargain catering for your every whim, you want a jaegerbomb or a vodka mixer for £1? You got it!


As long as you have a fairly relaxed attitude about things then you’ll probably get on well with your new housemates. But if you go in there, all guns blazing ready to have a shouting match about why you have an odd number of spoons when you specifically bought a 4 piece cutlery set then don’t even bother trying to make friends. You’ll probably buy a new set of pint glasses too, and you will almost definitely lose them but still manage to collect a whole new set of glasses and you’ll have no idea where they came from. Like me, if you are a bit of a clean freak, the worst thing to do is a rota (this hardly ever works because sometimes when people say they can’t clean up because they’ve got stuff to do, they might, like actually, have work to do…?). The best thing to do is to clean your own stuff up, and if no one’s doing their bit then gang up with the other neat freak in the house (there’s always two at least, it’s just a rule of thumb, unless you live with a load of mummy’s boys who never lift a finger, in which case you’ll probably all die of diphtheria) and talk about it as a group. Set up a house whatsapp or facebook message to tell them, or even snapchat them a picture of the mess #cleanyourshit. If that doesn’t work, resort to the old fashioned way of dragging them out of their rooms (hope you don’t catch them masturbating) and placing them in front of the sink. Cleaning is probably one of the main problems I have with my housemates, but follow my advice and it’ll work out eventually.


Now, I’ve never experienced this, but you may find yourself with some particularly nasty housemates, if you can ask if you can switch flats and move into a different one. But if that’s out of the question, try and find the root cause, talk it through, if that fails get completely smashed and tell them exactly what you think about them (they’ll either sympathise with you and realise the error of their ways or think you’re an absolute mental case and try and get you sectioned).


What are some of the other problems you may encounter… I suppose making friends is one of them. Most people you will meet will be on nights out, then on the unibus in the morning you’ll stare at them for about 5 mins, questioning where you know them from (internally obviously). Then it’ll come to you, oh I remember, you were the girl I spent an hour talking to about the evolution of dubstep or some other random drunken stream of consciousness. I honestly regret not signing up to any societies at the beginning, I was thinking, I don’t need this I’ve made loads of new drunken friends (I say whilst flicking through my contacts, who the fucks Damien?). You should definitely, undeniably without a doubt sign up to some, if you don’t think you’ll have time then you’re a liar and you can definitely make time. Making friends on your course is easy enough, just sit next to someone and be like “oooh I’m so nervous about starting uni” (because everyone is).


Make sure you make the right type of friends though. This sounds really strange, but if you’re one for slacking off then go make friends with the stoners, you’ll probably barely get a third but hey 40% is a pass and the 1st year doesn’t count does it? If you’re a real life Hermione Granger, chances are you won’t find your Ron and Harry and defeat the evil dark lord/lecturer in your first year, but you should definitely mix with similar minded people, try and make friends with enthusiastic people who want to go to the lecture and actually do the work you’re paying £9000 for. Trust me, it is so easy to text your friends saying “well if you’re not going to that 9am, I’m not, what’s the point?”. The point is, that then becomes a routine and when you actually have to start work you’ll be running around like a headless chicken, frantically picking out random quotes from textbooks you’ve never even opened before ‘that’ll do’. Whilst in the meantime, the nerdy bushy haired students will be highlighting parts of their carefully collected notes and references to use in their essay.

I think this is enough thoughts for one post, I hope you’ve found this somewhat helpful, if not insightful I suppose.



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